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Arizer V-Tower

95 €

165 € Ahorra 70 €

Arizer V-Tower
Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Arizer V-Tower - Front Arizer V-Tower - Included Arizer V-Tower - Display Arizer V-Tower - Top

95 €

165 € Ahorra 70 €

95 €

165 € Ahorra 70 €

Garantizamos brindarle las versiones más recientes/nuevas para los vaporizadores. Recibimos este inventario del Arizer V-Tower el 17 jul. 2020.

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El Arizer V-Tower es un vaporizador eléctrico apto para su uso diario. Presenta una pantalla LCD digital, un tubo de alta calidad, apagado automático y un calefactor cerámico con una garantía de por vida. Gracias a su diseño de tubos en la base el V-Tower se recomienda para uso individual mientras que su hermano mayor el Arizer Extreme Q es recomendado para uso en grupos.

Al usar una cámara independiente el V-Tower previene que el material entre en contacto con el calefactor y de este modo le ahorra su tiempo de limpieza y le permite una vaporización más suave. La salida consiste en un marco bien elaborado que ha sido pintado con un moderno acabado cromado.

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  • Nuevo Lacado en Cromo
  • Diseño Más Compacto
  • Nueva Pantalla Nítida LCD
  • Resistencia de Cerámica
  • Control preciso de Temperatura con tres Sensores de Calor
  • Rediseñado con Circuitos de Estado Sólido
  • Tubo extra largo de Alta Calidad


Accesorios (incluye)

  • Manual de instrucciones
  • Tubo del Vaporizador
  • Tubo para la punta final
  • Cuenco de aromaterapia
  • Cuencos de Cristal Ciclón
  • Utensilio para agitar el Vaporizador
  • Pack de pantallas del Vaporizador
  • Cable de alimentación


Arizer V-Tower

Como el calefactor cerámico es protegido por una doble pared de acero inoxidable el V- Tower permanece lo suficientemente frío que puede ser tocado durante la vaporización. Dentro del vaporizador se sitúa la cámara que es cubierta por un aislamiento no tóxico que separa el elemento calorífico del material. El cristal display LCD con luces azúles es fácil de leer y permite que la temperatura se ajuste fácilmente.


Arizer Tech diseñó el V-Tower para que fuera tan eficaz y duradero como fuera posible. Al utilizar un diseño vertical el aire se distribuye de modo uniforme y emite todos los aromas de las mezclas de aromaterapia. Unido a la parte superior está el patentado Bol Ciclón que muchos ven como el bol número uno. Todos los cristales incluidos han sido testeados al calor y están hechos con cristal de laboratorio.


Sistema de tubos

Incluido en el kit hay un tubo extra largo no tóxico y de calidad médica. Como el aroma es la prioridad número uno, toda parte del tubo ha sido hecha de cristal testeado al calor, lo que significa que no hay peligro para su salud ni efectos en el aroma. La unión que conecta el bol con el Ciclón y la punta final están hechos de cristal que no es sólo fácil de limpiar sino también intercambiable, lo que permite que pueda tener una sesión libre de gérmenes incluso si está con amigos durante la temporada de la gripe. El tupo puede girar 360 grados alrededor del V-Tower para poder disfrutar con tus amigos.


Apagado automático

El V-Tower tiene una configuración interna de apagado automático de 2 a 4 horas. Por lo que no debe preocuparse si se olvida apagar el vaporizador.



La parte eletrónica del Arizer V-Tower tiene 3 años de garantía mientras que el calefactor cerámico tiene garantía de por vida.

Información adicional

Puede vaporizar Mezclas
Fabricante Arizer Tech
Tamaño (largo x ancho x alto) 8 x 3 x 14 cm
Peso del vaporizador 387 g
Estilo Plateado
Fuente de alimentación Enchufe
Elemento calefactor Cerámica
Método de expulsión del vapor Tubo
País de fabricación Canada
Garantía 3 años

Opiniones deArizer V-Tower

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A really magicvaporizer

I'm a newbe to vaping, I got a cheap twenty quid eBay vap; just to see is vaporizing my herbs was the way to go, and threw my old pipe after five minutes of trying that.

So next step was to decide on an affordable desk top vap, so for me this Arizer V Tower was a no brainer. Two very small niggles, the whip tubing (probably just because its new) has a sticky feel, and also seems to have a static charge; so pet hairs and any debris stick to it like a magnet. Also Arizer could be more helpful in the manual by telling you how to switch the LCD readout from °C to °F.

Apart from that, well the flavor of the vapor is wonderful, its much cooler than the cheap vap. I also read that accurate temperatures are crucial from a medical users point of view; when it comes to extracting the most benefit from your medicinal herbs. Well I've been watching the screen on this unit for the past hour now; with it set to my sweet spot of 400 °F its not veered more than one degree from the set temperature for the whole of that time.

If the summer ever gets here hahahahaha, I shall get a better portable vap, to take out to my favorite park bench. Just have to decide between the Solo 2 or the ArGo because Arizer is definitely a brand I shall stick with.


Just got this delivered last week and I am more than happy with this purchase! Really easy to use and understand, didn’t bother reading about it ☺ And for this price, with this reliable and fast fast delivery, whats there to think about? Its my second time buying here on Magic and I will be back for a third time, believe me! If I had to say one “bad” thing about its that the charger is a bit ugly haha but who cares?? Everything else is really amazing about this vape so If you think about buying one – just press the button and do it ! You wont regret it!!

Satisfied with this Tower

Stefan Dijks
The whole idea with vaporizers is just stunning! And this store is really the same :) I was impressed by their good attitude and fast delivery! Best around probably… Anyway, this V-Tower works just fine for me! But I think I will buy the bigger one, Extreme Q, in a short time because I always have some friends over and from what Ive heard that one is better then. But for now, this is great! It won’t be standing in some dark corner if I decide to get the Extreme q. This vaporizer does its work and more! So I can honestly recommend to any one thinking about getting just this one or any vaporizer for that matter. For this price (free shipping!!) it’s a bargain.

Best vape store!

This store is by far the best. I purchased this Arizer V-Tower a couple of months ago and so for I am only satisfied. No problems what so ever. The shipping time was only 2 working days to Sweden. And the price was really what made me look at this vape. At first I didn’t look at any vape under 200 euros but a friend of mine told me about this one. I read a few reviews and decided to give it a try. Now I see myself telling all my friends about this! So there is basicly nothing else to say. Fast shipping, good product, no strange errors or overheating. Just buy it!


People have to buy this! It’s a must for anybody in this game. Newcomers, oldtimers, everybody. Very easy to use, great display system. Once you find your way to use it witht he temperature, fan etc you will love it. MagicVaporizers deserves a big applause, lot of information about each vaporizer and no plain text that nobody reads, very informative and serious. Fast shipping and well packed. Talked to a guy who bought a similar vaporizer from another store and it seemed to have been used already and it started having charging troubles after only one week. I have now used this V-tower for approx.. 8 months and it never fails!!

Great vape!

I was looking at this V-tower and the Extreme Q model. Since I am the only one to use it I went for this V-tower. Price was very attractive too. And speaking about prices, its good that Magic Vaporizers has free shipping: what you see is what you get. No weird extra fees or stuff like that. Straight forward site overall with lots of good info. Great reviews on here as well. Everything is in the same place, you just need to go here and everything you need is right here. Info, reviews, etc- So why wait, just order it! I will def be back soon!

Totally satisfied

We have been using the V Tower for a little over a week now. The learning curve wasn’t as tough as I’d imagined, we’re getting the hang of setting the proper temps, there’s still more to learn and to vape. For a couple who had never vaporized before, we are convinced it’s the only way to go after experiencing the V tower. Quick and painless (free) delivery, and great pricing, the whole package. We will be back. Thanks MagicVaporizers

Love it

Had this for about a month and love it!! Took a few tries to get the temp/flow down but after some experimenting found the sweet spot. Great service from friends at MV

Buy buy buy

Ordered on Friday and received the item on Monday! (Very fast shipping) These guys are great to deal with and have a high level of service. I would recommend the Arizer Extreme Q if you want to take advantage of the fan option (for balloons) and the extra essentials you get.

Nonethless, I would definitely recommend them and look forward to another future purchase.

almost perfect

The only reason I give it 4 stars in design is because it doesn't have a valve for when you use the bag. Other than that I have used it every day for the last year and a half and it works perfect every time.

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