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Arizer Extreme Q

129 €

199 € Ahorra 70 €

Arizer Extreme Q - The Electric Vaporizer for Group Use
Arizer Extreme Q - El Vaporizador Eléctrico para Uso Grupal Arizer Extreme Q – Con el tubo Arizer Extreme Q – Con el globo Arizer Extreme Q - Size Arizer Extreme Q - Remote Arizer Extreme Q - Whip Arizer Extreme Q - Arizer Extreme Q - Display Arizer Extreme Q - Included

129 €

199 € Ahorra 70 €

129 €

199 € Ahorra 70 €

Garantizamos brindarle las versiones más recientes/nuevas para los vaporizadores. Recibimos este inventario del Arizer Extreme Q el 27 may. 2019.

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El Arizer Extreme Q es un multi-funcional vaporizador que emite un vapor con aroma en sólo unos minutos. Fabricadas con la máxima calidad las piezas del Arizer Extreme Q le transmitirán lo que espera de un vaporizador de alta gama. Su experiencia de vaporización puede ser personalizada según sus preferencias ajustando la temperatura y la densidad con el mando a distancia y así elegir usar el sistema de llenado de globo o el extra largo tubo para expulsar el vapor fuera.

Como su diseño permite un uso fácil (con globo o tubo), el Arizer Extreme Q sobresale con su uso en grupo y según algunos profesionales es uno de los mejores vaporizadores para fiestas. La técnica de usar vapor es fácil de aprender haciéndolo conveniente para que usuarios inexpertos puedan probarlo.

Todo en uno es el Extreme Q de Arizer: fácil de usar, muy eficaz y el aroma del vapor es increíble. Es en definitiva el candidato más adecuado si busca un vaporizador fijo con calidad, precio y de alta gama.


  • La última versión
  • Sistema Globo de llenado
  • Tubos de Vapor
  • Mando a distancia
  • Auto temporizador
  • Garantía de por vida


Accesorios (Incluye):

  • Manual de instrucciones
  • Tubo de vinilo
  • Puntas finales
  • 2 Cuencos de cristal Ciclón
  • Utensilio de cristal para remover
  • Pantallas extra de repuesto
  • Sistema descartable de Globo con 2 kits de Globos
  • Plato de aceite y mezclas de aromaterapia (Cuenco de aromaterapia)
  • Mando a distancia


La última Versión del Arizer Extreme Q

El Arizer Extreme Q ha sido rediseñado y ahora está disponible en la versión 6.0. Se han realizado varias mejoras para que se obtenga un mejor aroma. Se ha incluido una bolsa globo y se ha añadido un tubo. Es fácil ajustar la temperatura y densidad del vapor a su gusto con el control digital. Si olvida apagar el aparato, éste se apagará automáticamente. El modelo 6.0 de Arizer Extreme Q posee un ventilador más silencioso y las piezas de cristal han sido fabricadas con un cristal libre de toxinas de alta calidad.


En la parte superior del aparato se sostiene verticalmente el Cuenco Ciclón que permite que el aire sea distribuido de forma uniforme y eficaz y la mezcla desprenda un mejor aroma con más potencia. En la parte interna se localiza el calefactor cerámico de alta calidad que utiliza tres sensores de calor y transmiten la información al display LCD. El Arizer Extreme Q tarda alrededor de dos minutos en alcanzar la temperatura de vaporización que es excelente en comparación con otros vaporizadores eléctricos.


Sistema de Globo

Una de las ventajas del Arizer Extreme Q en comparación con su hermano pequeño - el Arizer V-Tower - es el sistema de llenado de Globo. En casi cada opinión puede leer sobre las ventajas del sistema de ventilación de tres velocidades que le permite controlar por completo la densidad de vapor del vapor de llenado.



Aquellos que buscan una experiencia tradicional con un vaporizador pueden elegir el Arizer Extreme Q que incluye un tubo extra largo. El tubo es de calidad médica lo que significa que no es perjudicial para la salud ni daña el aroma.


Mando a distancia

El mando a distancia del Extreme Q se usa para encender y apagar el vaporizador, establecer la velocidad del ventilador y también ajustar la temperatura. La configuración es fácil de ajustar y disminuye el tiempo que se necesita para vaporizar.



La parte electrónica del Arizer Extreme Q tiene 3 años de garantía mientras que el calefactor de cerámica posee garantía de por vida.


Información adicional

Puede vaporizar Mezclas
Fabricante Arizer Tech
Tamaño (largo x ancho x alto) 16,5 x 16,5 x 16,5 cm
Peso del vaporizador 370 g
Estilo Plata
Fuente de alimentación Enchufe
Elemento calefactor Cerámica
Método de expulsión del vapor Globo | Tubo
País de fabricación Canada
Garantía 3 años

Opiniones deArizer Extreme Q

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Lovely vaporizer

Is there pie?
I just got one too for Xmas and LOVE it. I had that same problem where the first bag or 2 there was little to no vapor. Then bags 3-5 were packed with vapor. If you put too much herb in it , it won’t give off vapor or it’s not hot enough. After it heats up to your desired temp, let it sit for a min or 2 then put fan on med and it should work great. 4 stars!


I just got my Extreme Q 5hrs ago and I’m impressed. It’s more compacted than I expected, good thing. I do wish the power pack was built in but this way it does give you a long cord. It burns efficiently and quietly. Using the fan while using whip is great. The Volcano is 3-5x more expensive and is limited to just the bag, that’s nuts. Ok volcano might last longer but If I have to replace It out of the 3yr warranty (lifetime on heater) I can buy 5 of the Q’s and still be ahead.

One of the best vaporizers I have ever owned

I was so satisfied with it I bought a second one! The only thing I dislike with this vape is the fact there is no valve on the balloon. It’s really not a big problem if you suck it down quick, if not it gets quite annoying to hold especially if you’re using it with a friend. The whip works great especially if you kick on the fan! I have honestly never had a problem with it in over a year. I highly recommend it if you’re not trying to break the bank.

Use it right and it's awesome

The Extreme Q is great for several reasons. It works great but (and I hate to say this) don’t follow the instructions and pack the elbow screen instead (I use about 1/8g per session(4 good rips)). Set temp for 200C-220C and go (takes about 2min to heat up)(any higher and you risk burning the herb and releasing the bad stuff that comes with combustion). Thick vapor clouds and then save the used herb (toasty brown and smells like roasted peanuts) for making tinctures. Clean the whip and elbow with ever clear and add to tincture. If you don’t plan to break the bank, this is a good steal! Would recommend.

5 stars

The Hiro
I really like the Q and using the balloon method. I suppose I will be able to afford the Volcano one day as an upgrade but for now this is very awesome and I use 1/3 of the meds I used burning them. I must agree the effect is the same but a little better IMO. I really like how easy it is to set up and use. I find the remote very handy as well. I have reduced my insomnia “herbs” usage by 2/3 by using this vaporizer vs. smoking. I also received excellent customer service. Thank you!


So I recently purchased the Extreme-Q as my to go choice DESKTOP vaporizor and OMG, I couldn’t be happier. True, this is the ONLY desktop I have ever owned but GOLLY JEE WILIKERS does it do the job right. Vapes smoothly, I put it at arizer setting 230°C and it gives me quality vaping at that range. And this vapor is damn clean. And it is definetely comparable to the volcano, somewhat underneath it, but a damn good alternative. I have tried the volcano so I think I can make a fair assumption on that matter. Lastly, anyone who bitches about the rubber part being really hot probably has glass fingers because the rubber doesn’t get that hot. THE GLASS does.

OK but not the best

The Airizer Extreme Q is a poor man’s volcano. Having both, I can say that the airizer heating element is about 1/4 the size of the volcano’s. You get what you pay for. The airizer works well with very small amounts of dry herb, but it quickly gets bogged down by larger amounts. Tip tho: use a fan to generate more vapor when using with a whip.

I recommend it alot

Aromatherapy Connoisseur
I inherited an Extreme Q and I love it, though I haven’t tried balloons, only the whip. I use many herbs in the vaporiser, if you are interested in aromatherapy and herbal medicine vaporising dried/cured herbs is much better for health and more efficient than essential oils as you can activate different components of the herbs at different temps, not just those components which make a pleasant scent. I think slightly moist works best, after all vapour is moisture – so don’t dry out your herbs. Vaping herbs is also far less messy than oils and I will often smoke the vaped herbs through a water piece after they are vaped out. Different herbs activate at different temps and many are fun to blend. There is loads of info out there. Would recommend this product!

Excellent vape

The ExtremeQ is a fantastic vaporizer with amazing quality through and through – it will last! I have had one since January and I absolutely love it. The remote is actually very convenient and it is really easy to fit the glass mouthpiece into the rubber elbow, just put the tip in ;) I made the mistake of putting it in fairly deep and had some trouble getting it out. This product is a very good investment and I recommend any stoner to get it, especially at this price!

Optimal for sharing

I bought mine this february and absolutely love it! The remote is actually pretty handy because turning the fan on the module requires browsing through a menu, but with the remote you can press a predetermined temp by pressing one button. This is my first vaporizer and hopefully not the last. It is definitely a nice vape to own. I would recommend this to those who are looking for those who would like to share their vapor. One downside is that there are a lot of glass pieces I worry I might break! Over all tho, I really liked this!

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