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Volcano Digit

439 €

479 € Ahorra 40 €

Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer
Volcano Digital – El mejor Vaporizador Fijo Volcano Digit Volcano Digit Volcano Digit Volcano Digit Volcano Digit

439 €

479 € Ahorra 40 €

439 €

479 € Ahorra 40 €

Garantizamos brindarle las versiones más recientes/nuevas para los vaporizadores. Recibimos este inventario del Volcano Digit el 15 Mar. 2018.

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El Vaporizador Volcano Digit ha sido el mejor vaporizador en calidad y precio durante casi una década. Con un control muy preciso de temperatura y un sistema de carga de globo cualquiera lo puede usar, posee una barra alta para que se adapte a otros vaporizadores eléctricos. Utiliza el método de aire forzado para calentar sus mezclas de aromaterapia. El Volcano Digit es capaz de lanzar los aromas en forma de vapor sin quemarlos, siendo libres de toxinas y hasta 4 veces tan efectivo como una combustión.

La principal característica del Vaporizador Volcano Digit comparado con el Volcano Classic es el display de LED digital, el exacto control de temperatura y el piloto de apagado automático. Al elegir el Volcano Digital como su vaporizador se está garantizando una experiencia de vapor de alta calidad en cada momento.


  • Gran pantalla digital LED
  • Sistema avanzado de control de temperatura
  • Bloque calefactor de aluminio para la seguridad de los alimentos
  • Cartucho de calefacción de alto rendimiento
  • Fuerte bomba a membrana
  • Avanzada tecnología alemana
  • Temperatura entre 40° & 230°C
  • Diseño electromecánico
  • Función de desconexión automática
  • 3 años de garantía
  • Incluye un conjunto Easy Valve


Accesorios (Incluido):

  • Cámara de llenado
  • Conjunto de globos
  • Conjunto de 6 pantallas normales
  • Filtro de aire
  • Almohadilla para líquidos
  • Cepillo de limpieza
  • Trituradora
  • Manual de instrucciones



La función diferenciadora del Vaporizador Volcano Classic y Digit es el globo de válvula en el que el vapor generado es bombeado. Después de que el globo de válvula es cargado, puede ser totalmente separado del vaporizador por lo que el material que contiene puede ser consumido de modo saludable y conveniente.


La base de Volcano Digit contiene un núcleo de metal pulido y cepillado y todos los elementos incluidos están hechos de materiales insípidos y saludables. Tanto el cartucho calentador de alto rendimiento como la resistente bomba de diafragma pueden soportan grandes cargas. Un fusible de temperatura separado, filtro de aire y silenciador están incluidos en el Vaporizador Volcano Digit como un bloque térmico de aluminio especialmente diseñado que lleva el aire a la temperatura deseada de forma limpia y eficaz.



Volcano Digital contiene un gran y completamente personalizado display Digital LED de temperatura que indica de forma inmediata y precisa el estado del proceso del calentamiento, reportando la deseada y actual temperatura de funcionamiento. La temperatura en el Volcano Digital oscila entre 40 y 230 °C, tiene un control preciso de temperatura y un sistema interno de purificación, ello lo hace ser la elección número uno para los entusiastas del vapor.


La consistencia y el control electrónico preciso de la temperatura del aire del sistema de Vaporizador Volcano Digital han sentado precedente entre los profesionales como el vaporizador profesional más avanzado tecnológicamente disponible en el mercado.



Volcano Digital viene con tres años de garantía de fábrica, limitado a condiciones normales de uso.


Información adicional

Puede vaporizar Mezclas
Fabricante Storz & Bickel
Tamaño (largo x ancho x alto) 20,3 x 20,3 x 17,8 cm
Peso del vaporizador 1.200 g
Estilo Plateado Digital
Fuente de alimentación Con enchufe
Elemento calefactor Calentamiento de la aleación del aluminio
Método de expulsión del vapor Aire forzado - Carga de Globo
País de fabricación Alemania
Garantía 3 años

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Producing A Very Thick Quality Vapor

While there are a lot of people looking out for a new quality of vaporizer in the market, I have settled for the volcano digit. Well, this is a good quality product, so much so because of the fact that it is professional grade, and does not have any kind of problems in producing good quality smoke without any kind of issues. It comes with the high performance heating cartridge that is wonderful in terms of producing a very thick quality vapor, and as part of the necessity of a professional grade item, it also consists of the automatic shut-off feature enable you to save a lot of money on power bills. Moreover, with the three-year warranty, this is definitely a product that you would like to use in order to take care of all your vaping needs.

one of the best vaporizers

Going by the current reaction of people purchasing vaporizers, I must say that my purchase of the Volcano digit has definitely ruffled a few feathers in my family due to the cost. However, once they did realize that this was one of the best vaporizers and it would give me a good experience into vaping, nobody stood in its way. Rather, even my wife gave up cigarette smoking to take up vaping.

Go for this vaporiser

I was using a normal cheap vaporizer and in the last 1 year I had to change 3 vaporizers. So I was suggested this one. I saved some money and bought it. The delivery was too quick. Now I am having a good time with this ultimate vaporizer. it has a unique way of vapour production which makes the vapours taste real premium. If I had to suggest someone this vaporizer, I would first let them try it for once and then you will realize how badly you will need it...A really good one.

Royal vape

First I think maybe its overrated, or just overpriced. I bought another one, cheaper one, then my brother bought this one… When a visit him later that year I understood. Its not overrated, its not even expensive! You must have it to understand it :) Sprzedam! :)


Holy sh*t
Holy hell this rocks!! I saved up to buy this :) I first had the Extreme Q, then the Volcano Classic, and not that I was unsatisfied with them but I just had to have the best vape there is! Any true vaper knows that this is the best out there. It always have been and always will be. So I had to get it sooner or later! Yes, I could buy a car for this money but I think people should stop looking at prices and start looking at the quality of stuff they buy!
Also this store is really a great one, fastest delivery and best support!!

#1 (2, 3, 4 and 5)

This is not the number 1 vape, it is also number 2 3 4 and 5 ))) No but really, you cant find any better vape than this. So if you are looking at this one, don’t just look…buy…its really great!! Don’t be foolish and try to save some 200 euro on a cheaper one! I have dream about Volcano Digit for YEARS! First I said to myself I will buy the Volcano Classic, but then I went all in and I DON’T regret it!! A friend has a Classic and I try it every now and then but… No… This is the one !! The 1!!


I see that I am not the only one here going from a cheaper one like the Extreme Q to The King. And what can I say? If you can buy it do it. Dont think twice. Buy it! It’s the best vaporizer you can ever have. If you buy cheaper ones you will replace them after few years. This will be The King forever and you can keep it for many years to come. So instead of getting cheaper ones every 2 or 3 years. Buy this one and never look back…


I don’t really know why I am writing this ;) Everybody says the same thing and it is true! It’s the best vaporizer ever. Period. Dont be a fool by looking only at the price. Buy it and you will see

All are giving great comments, i want to tell people, who have really big medical proplems, that in medicinal use, this is "have to buy equipment"

Im middle aged man, used to own few companys and was allways on move, until i got this hellish "can´t cure, only get worse" neurologic failure system disease. I live in Finland and our country is great, but we are little same like europe is to usa, finland is in eu, everything comes little behind ex. law's , fassion etc. Now i got lucky and won from slotmacine big payoff win, enough to get volcano digit, and ordered at the same time because when i had to stop woking or doing anything cause of so bad pain, i had a friend who has different medical proplem but same result, pain. You who know that pain is only really pain when u feel ten times more pain than when u would just die. I had a opportunity to try first time volcano in my friends house. Then i knew, ths is a must buy, when get extra money. I don´t have to work cause of my "dna syntax error", but now i can do so much more or better, a less sofa and bed time. i know medicine, what cut´s my pain half, but this is the impotant part: If u take the medicine this way, u get one less "side effect" what i had big proplem, this way u don´t get jammed and have energy to do something, and one more plus, i like to think that because i got bad luck with my dna, i am earned to get something extra in my everyday and it is that u still get the euroria, well and then some...

value for the daily user

el FiDEL
I've been saving for this Volcano Vaporizer for over a year now and it just arrived in the mail yesterday after only waiting 2 days for shipping. So kudos to MV for the fast service and making my vape dreams come true. This is truly an investment but I already know I will have it for 6,7,8+ years and never regret it. The balloons are a super cool way to get the vapor and even in the short time ive had it, its been really interesting to mess around with the temps and realize that you actually can change the density and aroma of the vapor just by changing the temp! I have realized I like thin vape and do it at 190C but I will keep playing around :) Very pleased. It was worth every euro and over a year of saving and patiently waiting.

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