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Vaporizador PAX 2

229 €

259 € Guardar 30 €

PAX 2 - Colores
PAX 2 - Negro PAX 2 - Diseño PAX 2 - Incluido PAX 2 - Tamaño PAX 2 - Colores

229 €

259 € Guardar 30 €

229 €

259 € Guardar 30 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Vaporizador PAX 2 on 29 Nov. 2016

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El sorprendente nuevo vaporizador PAX 2 de Ploom incluye un diseño aerodinámico con una batería más eficiente y sistemas inteligentes de calentamiento y enfriamiento para optimizar su uso. Diseñado en San Francisco con una superficie de aluminio anodizado elegante e indicador LED integrado. PAX 2 tiene cuatro ajustes de temperatura con tecnología de sensor de movimiento y auto enfriamiento que optimiza de manera inteligente el uso de energía y temperatura durante el uso. Con un único botón de operación y mínimo mantenimiento requerido, la interfaz del PAX 2 es simple y eficiente. El PAX 2 también incluye un puerto USB magnético de carga, una tapa saliente rediseñada, y una potente batería que calienta el PAX 2 en menos de un minuto. ¿Buscas entretenimiento con vapor? El PAX 2 incluye un Modo de Fiesta para aumentar tu experiencia social.

Comparado con el vaporizador original PAX 1, el PAX 2 tiene 30% mayor capacidad de batería y una cámara de horno más profunda que calienta de manera proporcional para vapor óptimo. A pesar de los aumentos, el vaporizador PAX 2 es 25% más pequeño y 10% más ligero que el vaporizador PAX 1.

PAX 2 de Ploom es un vaporizador portátil prémium que se ajusta a tu bolsillolibera vapor puro y limpio. Pequeño y ligero, el PAX 2 se prepara fácilmente y calienta en menos de un minuto. Su diseño refinado elegante y duradero hace del PAX 2 la opción definitiva para la vaporización en todo lugar.

Disponible en Carbón (Negro), Platino (Plateado), Topaz (Azul), y Flama (Rojo).


  • Más pequeño. Más inteligente. Más elegante.
  • Se ajusta a tu bolsillo
  • 4 temperaturas optimizadas predeterminadas
  • Sensor de movimiento con apagado automático
  • Cámara de llenado de acero inoxidable
  • Batería de litio-ion recargable con puerto
  • Modo de fiesta


Accesorios (Incluidos)

  • 2x Puntas finales intercambiables (1 plana, 1 levantada)
  • Tapa de horno magnética
  • Cargador USB magnético
  • Botella de alcohol isopropílico
  • 10x Herramientas de limpieza


Forma de uso

El PAX 2 es muy fácil de usar. Lo primero que tienes que hacer es cargar tu vaporizador. Una vez completamente cargado, retira la punta final magnética y llena el horno. PAX recomienda llenar firmemente para la mejor experiencia posible de vapor.


Ahora, reemplaza la tapa y elige una punta final. Tu dispositivo incluirá una punta final plana y una levantada, así que elige la que sea más cómoda para ti.


Ya que la pieza final esté adjunta, presiona el botón para encender el dispositivo. PAX 2 sólo ocupa alrededor de un minuto para calentarse. Las luces cambiarán de púrpura a verde cuando esté listo para usarse.


Ajustes de temperatura

Hay cuatro ajustes que están indicados por luces LED e incluso puedes ajustar la temperatura mientras estás vaporizando. Hay cuatro ajustes que están indicados por luces LED. Para cambiar el ajuste de temperatura, mantén el botón presionado por unos momentos. Sabrás que estás en modo de calentamiento cuando la luz cambie de verde a amarillo, después a naranja y finalmente a rojo. Para salir del modo de calentamiento, presiona el botón de nuevo por unos momentos o agita el vaporizador.


  • 182ºC – Bajo
  • 193ºC – Medio
  • 204ºC – Medio-Alto
  • 216ºC – Alto


Todos los vaporizadores PAX 2 vendidos por MagicVaporizers son auténticos y te dan una garantía de 10 años.


Información adicional

Remove Compare Link No
Puede vaporizar Mezclas
Fabricante PAX Labs
Tamaño (largo x ancho x alto) 2,2 x 3,1 x 9,8 cm
Peso del vaporizador 92 g
Estilo Carbón (Negro), Topaz (Aqua), Flama (Rojo) y Platino (Plateado)
Fuente de alimentación Batería
Elemento calefactor Cinta delgada calentador Kapton flex (Conducción)
Método de expulsión del vapor Directo
País de fabricación Diseñado en San Francisco, USA. Fabricado en China
Garantía 10 años de garantía

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My best decisión

Is perfect,good
quality to smoke the herb ando you smoke weed in all places,pax is legal in any place.The duration is 2h aprox but you only need 1 fill to be hight.
If you smoke all day in all place you need this.

Easy, reliable, sleek. Top of the line.

I upgraded from PAX1 (+/- 5 months) and I`m very happy with this product. I rather include some personal observations as there are tons of reviews and videos online. Biggest difference is in cleaning the unit and it`s size. It is much easier than with PAX1 due to redesigned endpeace. No need for lubrication any more. For me easy to clean every 15+ sessions, but its not critical for reliable use as it was with PAX1. It can take probably more than 30+ sessions without cleaning. Drawback is that less you clean the device more it smells when not used. Also the smell is stronger while charging (heat) if stealth is a considerable factor. Also the use resistance is greater less you clean it of course.

Battery is not as big difference as presented. It is a bit more powerful but mostly combined with saving mechanism. I only use the device filled to 1/3 of the oven (mostly 1/4) as no more is needed for single person session. I use bended screen in the top of the material which should be pressed - not loose, not packed heavily. Like this I am able to get 8-9 sessions out of it till battery is dead or at last indicator. With PAX1 it was 6-7 sessions.

I think the PAX1 was able to heat material with higher temperature on the highest setting - the used material was darker than from PAX2. This is I believe due to saving mechanism that was not present in PAX1 - full throttle all the time, if not needed heating was off.
I also believe that technique of using it is a bit different than on PAX1. With PAX2 I tend to do (long sips) more slowly but longer than I used to with PAX1 - this is compromising a slyness factor a bit as you have a device in use for longer periods to get the same results.

PAX 2 is definitely step up from the original but not by a huge amount. I was happy with PAX1 which made a great job vaping. PAX2 is great. Smaller, easier to clean, better build - feels more solid + no loos / movable peaces - endpeace and no endpiece sticking and get stucked, better battery, 4 heat setting, no need to remove endpiece to change settings (that was a bit annoying with PAX1) and saving mechanism.

My session (1/3 or 1/4 of filled oven) starts on heat level 2 = 5 uses, than level 3 = 3-4 uses, L4 = 5-6 uses to finish the material with as little waste as possible - uses are longer and slower at the end. Best way is to not fight the use resistance but rather takes it as a guide how strong you should use it. More closely you are to the end stronger use resistance there is. Also a specific bitter aroma can be observed at the end. That is the sign for me that it`s finished. At the highest setting sometimes I takes 3 short (half a second) but strong use finalized with standard long use. I can feel that after 3 quick uses the heat immediately kicks in as cold air lowers the temp. of the oven dramatically so PAX want to compensate and heats up rapidly. I also recommend to take one more long use after device is off to avoid rest of the resin to be left in the device and stick in the system.

I recommend this device if you can afford it. It is a luxury device which is a pleasure and very easy to us like with other luxury and well design goods. I is a perfect portable device.
I hope my observations was helpful to some of you.

just love it

I have been using it since six months , i love it , the only bad point is the cleaning what a pain,sometime , if the blend you use is oil y ,it is really difficult to push out the little filtre , except that iit's the best item i ever both!!

A worthy successor

I have the pax 1 and wanted to upgrade as soon as I heard about a new pax device. It did not disappoint. Right out of the box I noticed the size and weight difference. The bigger oven makes for longer use in between. I am pleased by the additional heating setting. The product it self appears to be better constructed and feels much better in your hand. The one complaint I have is due to the raised end piece, the metal ball heats up and tends to get too hot. Outside of that it is an awesome product!

Get one if you can

Just got my hands on PAX 2 and it is just great! So much improvement compared to the previous version; the vapour is plentiful no matter which setting you use and the unit is much more efficient when it comes to the battery life - it'll give you quite a few sessions before you need to recharge. Also, the vapour quality is so much better compared to PAX 1 -The material is heated eavenly and you can see this once you finished off your session and are about to empty the 'oven'. Finally, the new endpiece and the sensing technology really make the difference. Charging the unit is as easy as 1-2-3 and there's no coming back once you tried the PAX2.

Recommend PAX and mv

Comic book store guy
This thing is incredible. Turn it on, wait for it to warm, then have the time of the life. Easy as that. It's expensive, but if you go through a fair bit of aromatherapy blend and you feel like splashing out, this will probably be your favourite piece of technology.

I checked with Ploom USA and they told me magicvaporizer is an authorized reseller so no need to worry about fake units!!


I love this device. It is a sleek and lovely, anonymous device. I keep my low key black model on my kitchen countertop, nestled between the fancy vitamin tray and the trustworthy crockpot... Soo Handy ;)


After a week with this little guy I'm in love. It's incredibly small, well designed, and easy to use. A few tips to those who just got theirs, make sure you pack it tightly

The resistance isn't great but nothing to be put off by. The endpiece can get a little hot (especially if you use it a long time on the highest heat settings) and cleaning is a pain, but it more than makes up for it through sheer good looks, and ease of use.

If you're reading this then you're probably thinking about buying a PAX 2, my advice: do it!

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