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Flowermate V5.0S Pro

145 €

169 € Guardar 24 €

Flowermate V5.0S Pro
Flowermate V5.0S Pro - Blue Flowermate V5.0S Pro - Side Flowermate V5.0S Pro - Top Flowermate V5.0S Pro - Bottom Flowermate V5.0S Pro Flowermate V5.0S Pro - Back

145 €

169 € Guardar 24 €

145 €

169 € Guardar 24 €

Garantizamos brindarle las versiones más recientes/nuevas para los vaporizadores. Recibimos este inventario del Flowermate V5.0S Pro el 26 Jul. 2017.

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El Flowermate V5.0S Pro es un vaporizador portátil y discreto 3 en 1 para vaporizar hierbas secas, ceras y aceites. Gracias a las poderosas baterías de Samsung, tiene el tiempo de calentamiento más corto de todos los vaporizadores Flowermate. Para producir vapor denso y puro, tiene una ruta de aire completamente aislada que va directo desde la cámara de calentamiento hasta la punta final y separada de los componentes electrónicos. La boquilla está hecha de vidrio de borosilicato resistente al calor que puede guardarse dentro de un compartimiento oculto dentro de la unidad para mayor discreción.

Otra excelente característica del Flowermate V5.0S Pro es que es muy fácil de usar. Carga la unidad con las hierbas de tu elección, ubica la pantalla digital OLED y utiliza los botones más/menos para seleccionar tu temperatura preferida entre 40° C - 230° C. Inicia el proceso de calentamiento y ya estás listo para crear nubes de vapor espeso en tan solo 30 segundos. Otros vaporizadores en este rango de precio casi no tienen potencia, pero las dos baterías integradas de gran calidad del Flowermate V5.0S Pro te darán hasta 2.5 horas de vaporización continua.

Disponible en Negro y Azul.


  • Flujo de aire ajustable
  • Ruta de aire completamente aislada
  • Control digital de temperatura
  • Fabricado con los mejores materiales de grado médico
  • Pantalla OLED
  • 2.5 horas de duración de batería
  • Rango de temperatura entre  40° C - 230°
  • Útil compartimiento de guardado


Accesorios (incluidos)

  • Boquilla de vidrio
  • 5x rejillas de acero inoxidable
  • Cargador
  • Base para líquidos/ceras
  • Base para hierbas secas
  • Herramienta de limpieza
  • Herramienta de cargado


Mejorando el Flowermate V5

El Flowermate V5.0S Pro hace todo lo que el V5.0 hacía, pero mejor. Gracias a la nueva pantalla LCD, tiempo más rápido de calentamiento, mayor duración de la batería, cámara de calentamiento mejorada, control de temperatura digital y un nuevo máximo de temperatura (230°C), sobrepasa por mucho a su predecesor con un gran margen. Algo nuevo en esta versión es que ahora te muestra la batería restante, lo que significa que podrás planear los momentos en que deberás cargarla.


Vida de la batería maximizada

Equipado con dos baterías 2600 mAh Samsung, el Flowermate V5.0S Pro te permite vaporizar hasta por 2.5 horas seguidas con una carga completa (~10 diez sesiones de vaporización). Muy pocos vaporizadores pueden hacer lo mismo, y los que lo hacen cuestan mucho más que esta unidad.


Funcionalidad múltiple

Para tu conveniencia, el Flowermate V5.0S Pro tiene bases intercambiables, lo que significa que puedes vaporizar tanto hierbas secas como concentrados en forma de ceras y líquidos. En la caja se incluyen dos diferentes tipos de bases, la base para Hierbas Secas y la base para Líquidos/Ceras.


  • La Base para Hierbas Secas se utiliza para vaporizar artículos botánicos al viajar ya que mantiene todo en su lugar, aunque normalmente no necesitas usar una base para vaporizar materiales secos.
  • La Base para Líquidos/Ceras deberá utilizarse cuando desees vaporizar concentrados, tales como ceras y aceites. Coloca el concentrado dentro de la base de algodón orgánico y después coloca la base en el vaporizador.



Todas las unidades Flowermate compradas en MagicVaporizers vienen con 2 años de garantía (6 meses para la batería) restringida a uso normal

Información adicional

Puede vaporizar Mezclas, Aceites, Ceras
Fabricante Smiss
Estilo Black or Blue
Fuente de alimentación Battery
Elemento calefactor Conduction (Ceremic Heating Element)
Método de expulsión del vapor Direct
País de fabricación China
Garantía 2 years

Opiniones deFlowermate V5.0S Pro

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very trust site for shopping online. the flowermate pro is working perfect.so i will like to thanks you for your service.

Affordably and Good!

The vape world can feel like a jungle at first but here on Magic Vaporizers its all very easy to overview and understand the differences between each vape. I chose this one mainly for the price but also because of the design! Have had zero problems with it and I use it 3-4 times a week (for almost a year now) so it’s a good vape I’d say! Had a X-Vape before but it stopped working correctly after only a month. And it costs the same! So I would recommend this one to anybody looking for a good and not too expensive vape!

So far so good!

I got my vape – V5.0S Pro – just a few weeks ago and so far it works without any difficulties at all! I have a stationary one too that I use at home but this is a perfect complement. Warms up very fast (compared to my old one that never got fully warm before it crashed completely) and does it job with no hassle. Recommended! Also this site is highly recommended!! The shipping is for free and indeed fast too!! Im satisfied and will be back when its time for an update

Buy itt

this is actually a good and reliably little thing! Me I used mine for almost a year everyday with no problems at all! For this price its a must to buy! Its no cheap and halfworking vaporizer, its a good and nice looking thing here! Does its job like it should. Think its good for firsttimers! When its time for new vaporizer I will buy here. Great site wit lots of information and they offer free shipping on all products which is very very thankful.


I have had a few vapes over the years but this is one of my favs. Some others I had was working fine one day, only to break the next. But this one has stayed loyal all the time without any trouble! So big up for Flowermate V50S Pro! Dont look at the price and think its a bad choice because I know more expensive vapes that broke while this one is still warming and vaping ☺ and this is by far the best place to get you vape too! I was surprised by the fast delivery time! Many sites indicate that they have guaranteed shipping times etc, some even charges you extra for faster shipping. But here the shipping is always free and always fast! So thanks a lot for this Magic vaporizers and to anybody thinking about getting a Flowemate V50S pro – get it!

All good

Ok, I bought this Flowermate Pro a while back and it has been working fine all the time for me. So imo its a affordable and reliable little vape! Warms up fast (always does, not only when it was new) and feels really fresh and clean. Its actually my third vape I bought from MagicVaporizers and I must say..they are really a great store for vapes! It only took 2 days to get it and the support here is awesome. Keep it up guys!!


I got mine and used it for a month before the heating just stopped. Magicvaporizers were very helpful and got me a new unit though so hopefully this one will last a bit longer or else I will buy another brand next time.


I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Flowermate V5S Pro. I have tried four different portable vapes and this one is by far the best. The others were NOT cheap ones. It is easy to clean, it is easy to load the material into the chamber, the heating element and degree of control is really wonderful as well as the long charge on the battery. I will be getting a second Flowermate V5S Pro for back-up.

Likeable but sadly presented a cracked oven, this once atleast

Worked like a charm. Was kinda awed over the bio-mass which is left over, and found my temp - 196' Celsius.
However, coming home from a week long trip, it didn't start the warming anymore, when turned on. Upon closer inspection the ceramic oven was in 5 large splinters. Gently pressing it together made it start to warm again. But, applying superglue on those hair-fine cracks in oven was too much, and it stopped working.

I'm sure I'll just be provided with a new oven.

All that said, Flowermate easily offers best quality and functionality for the money, gets people to go "whoa" upon seeing, and testing it. Good stuff. Flowermate will remain as my go-to brand.

Best for this price

Santa Balls
I upgraded from the 5.0 and thought the extra features would be nice but not important. I was wrong, the control over the temperature is amazing I get the tastiest and cleanest vape from a dry herb vaporizer I've ever had. The new ceramic chamber stays pretty much spotless. I have nothing bad to say about this elegant vape.

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