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Arizer Solo

169 €

199 € Guardar 30 €

Arizer Solo - A powerful and portable vaporizer!
Arizer Solo - ¡Un vaporizador portátil y potente! Arizer Solo Negro - Incluido Arizer Solo Plata - Incluido

169 €

199 € Guardar 30 €

169 €

199 € Guardar 30 €

We guarantee you the latest/newest vaporizer versions. We received this stock of Arizer Solo on 17 Nov. 2016

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Arizer Solo es un práctico e innovador vaporizador portátil que ha sido diseñado para todos los consumidores. Es capaz de producir vapor en menos de 2 minutos gracias a una batería recargable de Iones de Litio que alimenta un calefactor cerámico. El vapor está entonces listo para ser extraído a través de un soporte de vidrio de alta calidad. Arizer Solo sorprende no sólo por su tamaño sino también por su tecnología: un avanzado control de temperatura y 7 diferentes funciones de temperatura con un rango de 50 ºC hasta 210 ºC. Si está buscando un vaporizador de alta tecnología que se adapte a la palma de su mano, entonces el Arizer Solo debería ser su elección.

Con un diseño compacto que consiste en una roca externa y sólida el Solo es protegido de arañazos y roces. El calefactor cerámico es rodeado de una base sólida que le da una capa extra de durabilidad que no se encuentra en otros vaporizadores portátiles. A pesar de que ocurriera algo, puede descansar pensando que Arizer garantiza a todos los consumidores de Magic Vaporizers una garantía de 2 años. ¡El calefactor cerámico tiene una garantía de por vida!

Disponible en Negro y Plata.


  • Fácil de usar.
  • Diseño compacto y ligero
  • Completamente portátil – sin cables
  • Batería de alta calidad de Iones de Litio – ¡De 1 a 2 Horas de uso continuo!
  • Sistema LED de control de Temperatura
  • Utiliza vidrio en vez de plástico


Accesorios (Incluye)

  • Manual de instrucciones
  • Cargador de batería
  • Plato de Mezclas
  • 2 Tubos difusores (Tubo de extracción)


Último Modelo Arizer Solo

El Vaporizador Arizer Solo es portátil y de la calidad más alta. Ha sido fabricado por la prodigiosa fábrica Arizer Tech en Canadá. Utiliza una batería de iones de Litio para encender el calefactor de Acero inoxidable. Es portátil como el Magic Flight y contiene el poder de vaporización de un vaporizador eléctrico, lo que hace que pueda llevarlo en la mano a cualquier parte.


La durabilidad de Arizer Solo es excepcional debido a que su cobertura es una roca sólida de aluminio que protege la superficie de arañazos y roces. En el interior hay una base sólida que protege el calefactor, por lo que puede ser llevado en la mochila o en el bolso y siempre listo para vaporizar.


Múltiples Niveles de Temperatura

Ajuste la temperatura a su gusto usando el control de temperatura. Puede elegir entre 7 diferentes niveles de calentamiento (según el tiempo de calentamiento):


  • Nivel 1 - 50° C (15 seg.)
  • Nivel 2 - 185° C (1 min.)
  • Nivel 3 - 190° C (1 min. 10 seg.)
  • Nivel 4 - 195° C (1 min. 30 seg.)
  • Nivel 5 - 200° C  (1 min. 50 seg.)
  • Nivel 6 - 205° C  (2 min. 10 seg.)
  • Nivel 7 - 210° C  (2 min. 30 seg.)


Vaporización Prolongada

La batería de iones de Litio permite un uso continuo de 1 a 2 horas cuando ha sido cargada completamente. Una ventaja no comparable a otros vaporizadores portátiles. La batería de Arizer Solo necesita 4 horas de carga para conseguir una carga completa.


Apagado automático

El Arizer Solo tiene un sistema de apagado automático que se pone en funcionamiento después de 12 minutos de inactividad. Para reactivar el calefactor sólo tiene que volver a presionar el botón que contiene una flecha hacia abajo durante un par de segundos para que la evaporación se reanude a la temperatura previa.



El contenido electrónico de Arizer Solo posee dos años de garantía mientras que el calefactor de cerámica tiene una garantía de por vida.


Información adicional

Remove Compare Link No
Puede vaporizar Mezclas
Fabricante Arizer Tech
Tamaño (largo x ancho x alto) 4,3 x 4,3 x 11,4 cm
Peso del vaporizador 198 g
Estilo Negro y Plata
Fuente de alimentación Batería de Iones de Litio
Elemento calefactor Cerámica
Método de expulsión del vapor Directa
País de fabricación Canada
Garantía 2 años

Opiniones deArizer Solo

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Amazing & Simple

I have recieved my Solo 2 days ago so I can't tell much about reliability yet, but still. This is my first vaporizer, for which I have spent like 2 months reading reviews, watching videos etc.. such a waste of two months I can tell! I should have ordered one in a moment I firstly saw it.
I can tell there are few tricks you have to learn if you want to pull out the best of it. I will describe my pattern that works great for me;

1. Turn on your Solo
2. Set it on 3rd heating setting
3. Grind your herbs well
4. Fill the bowl and press the material down a little bit
5. Insert the stem carefully into a heating chamber (I do it upside down and I also take it out like that - so nothing falls into heating chamber)
6. Wait around 10-15 sec
7. Slowly take long pull
8. Try to hold it in your lungs for about 5 sec for max effect
9. Repeat from step 6 - 8 one more time
10. Set your Solo on 4th heating setting
11. Do as described in steps from 6 to 8. 2 times (or once from step 6-9) !
12. Set your Solo on 5th heating setting
13. Do as described in steps from 6 to 8. 2 times (or once from step 6-9) !
14. Set your Solo on 6th heating setting
15. Do as described in steps from 6 to 8. 2 times (or once from step 6-9) !
16. Take your stem out (upside down) and carefully place it somewhere as it will be very hot (side which was inside a heating chamber).
17. Wait for stem to cool down and then clean it as often as needed. Do not try to accelerate cooling down process as your glass stem can and probabbly will broke.

This is how it works best for me. You can even continue to 7th heating lvl but you have to pull it really slow or use a bong or bubbler adapter, otherwise it will burn your throat a bit and you can start coughing.
Holding a vape in your lungs for around 5 sec provides much stronger and long lasting high, actually more stoned high, than if you would blow it out immediately. That is something I have noticed in those 3 days I own it.
Cleaning is super easy, I just make a strong blow into a heating chamber and everything that might cought into it is blown away. And for glass stems I use isopropyl alcohol - I dip it fully into it and then I wait around half an hour (I think you can leave it over a night so you don't have to wait for it) and then wash it with water a few times, so you flush isopropyl off completly. That's it.

Happy vaping :)

Totally ok

Shipment was fast. No complaints. I love it. The arizer is a great vaporizer. But the only thing is that I don't like why it has to shut off every 12 minutes


Andrea from Cagliari
Fantastic product, you realize it I well made only touching it. No plastic smell and very good material. Very intuitive use and very nice vapor taste. You will love this vaporizer. Very long battery life. Magicvaporizers is a very good, professional and affordable seller. Thank you very much!!

2nd buy

Getting this one for a gift for family member....so he would stop using mine...lol. No need to say much, just look at the other reviews, they tell all. Best portable, with awesome vape quality, ya can't go wrong with this one.

performs every day

At first glance when you look at the Arizer Solo your first thought is there is no way that this is a portable vape. Even though the vape it's self is rather small the long glass stems make it nearly impossible to carry around on the go. That being said this is my only con for this vape what it lacks in portability it makes up for in spades in quality and vapor production. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants desktop vapor quality in a unit you can walk around with in your house. The aromas are among the best in vape market. Battery life is very good and can be used while charging which is another bonus. Overall great investment and Great Canadian product.

Cant ask for more

Arrived today so this is just a 1 day review but what a sweet unit, smaller than expected and so very easy to learn to use. Vapor quality like the best, solid construction, fast shipping, well designed and totaly fits in my hand what more can you ask for? thats right, nothing!


Worked pretty good for 9 months. Stopped heating up. Been trying to get help with warranty. Manufacturer offers lame service and I read apparently lots of issues with battery, charger, etc. I was going to purchase one of their stationary models but not anymore. Can't trust them and it is a lot of money if you can't count on them standing behind their products. Choose another vape brand.

you wont regret buying it

This is my first Vapor device and I am very pleased with my purchase. I compared many devices at MagicVaporizers and found the Arizer Solo to have superior warranty and met all of my requirements. Since receiving my Solo I have been more than content with its performance. This is a well made device that is easy to use at home or away.


It arrived today, only after 2 days of shipping! It's simply tasteful, never tried other vaporizers before but this seems a cool one to own.

Solo for life

I used to have the iolite original when it first came out and this vaporizer blows it out of the park. I especially like that you can vape while being plugged in. The vapor quality is even comparable to the Volcano Vaporizer. Very pleased with this vape!

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